Peter Sims

Peter Sims, PhD

Bioinformatics and Single Cell Analysis Core (BSCAC)

The Bioinformatics and Single Cell Analysis Core (BSCAC) will play a central role in the CU-DLDRC, providing its members with access to GI/liver/pancreatic-focused state-of-the-art bioinformatics analysis and efficient workflows for horizontal integration with other CU-DLDRC cores. The BSCAC will provide analysis of single-cell, single-nucleus, single-organoid RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq), spatial transcriptomics and ATAC-seq for mouse and adult and pediatric human GI/liver/pancreatic samples. Additionally, the BSCAC will offer custom Computational Biology approaches to analyze cell-cell interactions and regulatory processes that mediate disease progression and provide opportunities for diagnostic and/or therapeutic interventions; as well as comprehensive solutions for the analysis of cell- and organoid-based CRISPR/Cas9 and drug screens. Make a Service Request via iLab, please start with a free consultation prior to booking a specific service.

Robert Schwabe, MD

Liza Pon, PhD

Kelley Yan, MD, PhD

Elizabeth Verna

Elizabeth Verna, MD

Kenneth Olive, PhD

Hiroshi Nakagawa, MD

Julian Abrams, MD

Bioimaging Core (BIC)

The Bioimaging Core (BIC) provides state-of-the-art and functional imaging techniques to precisely study mechanisms of health and disease of the digestive tract and liver. Besides a sophisticated suite of confocal, multiphoton, super-resolution and total internal reflection fluorescence microscopes, the small animal imaging unit will provide magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, computed tomography imaging, and optical imaging of mice to functionally study signaling and metabolic pathways. These analyses are complemented by the development of high resolution MALDI imaging to detect virtually any small molecule at a near single cell level as well as SCAPE imaging, a novel near microscopy-resolution optical platform based on endogenous tissue fluorescence in small animals and tissues. Multi-core workflows will integrate analyses with the other CU-DLDRC cores.
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