Jason Spence, PhD

Title: "Interrogating stem cell niches in the developing human gut to advance iPSC technologies", Hosted By: Jianwen Que.

Yasuko Iwariki, PhD

Title: TBD, Hosted By: Dr. Carrie Shawber & Dr. Rebecca Haeusler.

Christopher Lengner, PhD

Title: TBD, Jointly Hosted by: HICCC & DLDRC, Dr. Anil Rustgi & Jianwen Que

CU-DLDRC Retreat Keynote Speaker: Bana Jabri, MD, PhD

CU-DLDRC Retreat Time - TBD: Opening Remarks (Robert Schwabe, MD, Timothy Wang, MD, Rebecca Haeusler, PhD) KEYNOTE ADDRESS Bana Jabri, MD, PhD, Sarah and Harold Lincoln Thompson Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago, IL.