CU-DLDRC trainee seminar: Ronda Carlotta, PhD (Harris Wang lab), Alina Li, MD/PhD student (Rustgi lab), Thomas Savage MD/PhD student (Arpaia lab)

Florence Irving Auditorium (hybrid)

Ronda Carlotta, PhD: “Novel therapeutic frontiers using targeted microbiome gene therapy for the gastrointestinal tract". Alina Li, MD/PhD student: "Elucidating the role of Fra1 in pancreatic Kras-driven acinar-to-ductal metaplasia". Thomas Savage, MD/PhD student: "Amphiregulin-mediated crosstalk between hepatic stellate cells and immune cells"

2022 CU-DLDRC Retreat with Keynote Speakers Scott Lowe, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Calvin Kuo, MD, PhD, Stanford University

10AM-10.10AM: Introduction by Robert Schwabe, MD, PhD; Timothy Wang, MD; Kara Margolis, MD Session 1 "Epithelial Homeostasis, Metabolism, and Regeneration" (10AM-12PM) Chairs: Timothy Wang, MD and Ira Tabas, MD, PhD 10.10AM-11AM: Keynote speaker Calvin Kuo, MD, PhD. "Intestinal stem cells in Health and Disease" 11AM-11.30AM: Chia-Wei Cheng, PhD. "How nutritional states fine-tune transcriptional regulatory networks […]

2022 CU-DLDRC EAB and IAB Meeting

Florence Irving Auditorium (hybrid)

EAB members: Bishr Omary, MD, PhD (EAB Chair), Henry Rutgers Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research, Department of Medicine, Rutgers University Stephen Duncan, PhD, Chair, Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology, Professor of Medicine, Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology, Medical University of South Carolina David Lieberman, […]

Gary Wu, MD, University of Pennsylvania

Florence Irving Auditorium (hybrid)

“Bidirectional interactions between the small intestinal microbiota and bile acids in health and disease”