Yiping Han, PhD

Ivaylo Ivanov, PhD

Ira Tabas, MD, PhD

Theme 2

Subtheme 1: Epithelial Homeostasis, Metabolism, and Regeneration

Theme 2 is centered on three related areas that are of major importance to digestive and liver diseases: Epithelial homeostasis and stem cell biology; metabolism and its effect on the epithelial compartment; as well as mechanisms of regeneration following injury and the interplay and roles of different cell types in this setting.  The theme capitalizes on Columbia University’s reputation for excellence in gut stem cell biology, metabolism, and enteric neuroscience.  Senior investigators with a strong record of excellence in epithelial biology, regeneration and metabolism lead a highly interactive group of investigators studying intestinal and liver epithelial cell and stem cell biology, regeneration as well as lipid metabolism.

Timothy Cragin Wang, MD

theme 1

Subtheme 2: Epithelial Interactions in Inflammation and Preneoplasia

Subtheme 2 focuses on the critically important problem of chronic inflammation of the digestive system, which underlies inflammatory bowel disease as well as many types of liver diseases; and can predispose to GI and liver cancer. The theme is headed by two leaders in the field with a sustained record of excellence in enteric immunology and pre-neoplasia. The theme amalgamates a highly collaborative group of investigators studying the interaction of the gut microbiome, immunity and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and liver.