Stephen Duncan, PhD, MUSC

Title: A human iPSC-derived hepatocyte screen identifies compounds that inhibit production of Apolipoprotein B - Stephen Duncan, PhD (MUSC) - Hosted by Cardiovascular Seminar Series

Ji-Yeon Shin, PhD

Title: “Regulation of hepatic steatosis and lipoprotein metabolism by torsinA and its activators."

Mara Sherman, PhD

Florence Irving Auditorium 1130 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY, United States

Title: “Mechanisms and consequences of pancreatic cancer stromal evolution”, Hosted by: Dr. Kenneth Olive Location: ICRC Auditorium

Nandan Nerurkar, PhD

Title: "Mechanobiology of vertebrate gut morphogenesis", Hosted by: Dr. Jianwen Que Location: Via Zoom.

Sita Kugel, PhD

Title: "Sub-type Specific Vulnerabilities in GI Cancers", Jointly Hosted by: HICCC and DLDRC.

Bishuang Cai, PhD

Title: "Disturbed crosstalk between cholesterol homeostasis and inflammation resolution in NASH", Hosted by: Dr. Rebecca Haeusler & Dr. Ira Tabas.

Giuseppe Cullaro, MD

Title: The Who, What, Where, When, and How of Kidney Injury among Cirrhosis Patients, Hosted By: Dr. Elizabeth Verna

Anne-Catrin Uhlemann, MD

Title: “The gut microbiome as a reservoir for antimicrobial resistance after liver transplantation", Hosted by: Dr. Rebecca Haeusler.

Jason Spence, PhD

Title: "Interrogating stem cell niches in the developing human gut to advance iPSC technologies", Hosted By: Jianwen Que.

Yasuko Iwariki, PhD

Title: "Liver Lymphatic Vascular System: Insights into Health and Diseases", Hosted By: Dr. Carrie Shawber & Dr. Rebecca Haeusler.

Christopher Lengner, PhD

Title: “APC: Guardian of the colon.”, Jointly Hosted by: HICCC & DLDRC, Dr. Anil Rustgi & Jianwen Que